Recycled yarns scrubber

6.00 $



Why you should choose recycled yarns scrubber for dishwashing?

-No new materials are used for its production. We collect sweaters for recycling and knit scrubbers from them.

-The scrubber knits tightly, so it does not lose its appearance even after washing in hot water;

-UNsponge is immediately ready for use and does not need to be soaked;

-Each kitchen scrubber is knitted manually and does not harm the environment during production;

-We use packaging from recycled paper and do not print the logo on it, thereby reducing environmental damage;


What do you get by buying a knitted recycled yarns scrubber for dishes?

– In each set you will find 3 reusable recycled yarns scrubbers 4×4 inch connected by love and care for you.

-Guaranteed replacement of the scrubbers if they last less than 5 months;

Care of the recycled yarns scrubbers :

– After each use, rinse with clean water and hang to dry;

– When contaminated and disinfected, wash at 60 °C (140 °F). The scrubber may shrink slightly after washing in hot water.

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