Hemp Bath Scrubber

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Benefits of Hemp Bath sponge:

– exfoliates dead skin cells;

– increases the susceptibility of the skin to moisture;

– improves blood circulation;

– suitable for dry massage;

– the effect of deep cleansing without damaging the skin.

Naturally. Durable. Practical.

The washcloth is made without harm to the environment, hand knitted from natural materials. It is 100% biodegradable product can be composted.

Since the washcloth can be washed in hot water, it will last you at least one year and will replace a lot of plastic washcloths.

Creating this washcloth we tried to take maximum care of your convenience and comfort. We took into account all the wishes and made in our washcloth:

– a hole for the hand;

– a pocket for soap;

– a loop for drying.

Bath sponge Care

After use, rinse the washcloth thoroughly with warm or hot water, wring it well or throw it into the dryer and hang it dry.

In case of contamination, you can wash the bath sponge along with the rest of your things in a washing machine at a temperature of 30-90°C(86-194 °F)

 Before using for the first time, the washcloth is recommended to be machine washable.

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