Once, while washing dishes, I thought about how many foam sponges go to landfill every day. The numbers are staggering.

Sponges cannot be recycled, composted or reused. And on top of that they have to be changed out often. My brother and I began to look for alternatives.

We did some research and found information on how sponges are produced. We made a safer alternative using everyday items such as an old tablecloth and a coffee bag.

We tested them and got great results. They stand up to every day use and are made from environmentally friendly materials compared to the sponges on the market today.

That is how Kolo Nature T. was born in 2018.

Today we produce sponges, processing textiles, knit hemp scrapers and bath sponges, make wax wrap – replacing cling film.

We are developing new green alternatives that we enjoy using ourselves.

Let’s make the world cleaner together.